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Children are hurting but you can help

There are over 3,600 children in the dependency court system in Hillsborough County today. Children who have been abused, neglected,  or abandoned. These children are children you know. They play on Little League teams and dance in recitals. They go to school in your neighborhood.  These are children who do not feel loved. Children who are struggling with why this is happening to them. They feel different from the other kids at school. They wonder what they did wrong. They are often numb. They are in the foster care system through no fault of their own. They deserve the chance to have a normal childhood.

 Each one of these children also deserves a chance to tell their side of the story. They should have a voice in the courtroom when their future is being determined. They should have someone in their life who isn't going to judge them for what happened, but who wants to help guide them to a better place. They need a confidant, an advocate; someone who will stay with them no matter what. They need a Guardian ad Litem Volunteer.

 We cannot erase the trauma these children have felt, but perhaps we can ease their pain a bit. We can advocate for them and support them so they know there are people in this community who care for their well-being. Together, we can help them. We Fight 4 Kids....will you?

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