Voices from the Border

A nonprofit organization

Led by the values of justice, compassion, and human dignity, Voices from the Border, a 501 (c) (3) organization, responds to the needs of migrating people by providing housing, medical care, and humanitarian aid in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.  

We support the physical and emotional health of the asylum-seekers while they await U.S. Customs & Border Patrol processing into the U.S. by providing:

  • Food, daily necessities, and medical care and services
  • Safe, comfortable, and welcoming temporary shelter

We rent and maintain a block of apartments that house up to 30 women and their children. For the first three quarters of 2023, we housed 78 families comprised of 87 women and 104 children and 1 man. The average stay was 40 days for a total of 3127 nights.

We also help to support other asylum-seeking families in a nearby shelter that on any given day accommodates up to 70 people.

Our Migrant Services Team in Nogales is led by Francisco (Pancho) Olachea Martin, a nurse/EMT who has been serving the migrant population since 2009. Our team members on the ground in Nogales, Sonora perform daily check-ins with our guests to provide necessary support and resources.

Meanwhile, for those asylum seekers who are allowed to enter the US, Voices helps to find sponsors, if necessary, find legal assistance, and other provisions necessary for survival. Asylum seekers are not allowed to apply for a work permit for 150 after their asylum application is filed. This waiting period is difficult, both financially and emotionally. Much is needed. 

Additionally, we seek to transform the narrative about migration, building awareness and empathy about the lived experience of migration by sharing up-to-date information, credible journalism and engaging and promoting creative activism on the US side of the border.

We are a women-led organization seeking to uplift and empower other women, regardless of geopolitical boundaries. 

“In a world of walls, Voices from the Border is a bridge that welcomes all. Their work has heart and is fundamental to our democracy. It quite literally saves lives.” -Melissa del Bosque, Emmy Award-winning border journal

"The time in the apartments (in Nogales, Sonora), it was SUCH a big blessing. And thanks to God, and to you all, we were able to be there two months and 5 days where there was lots of safety, lots of tranquility, lots of support, and we felt very comfortable. We felt at home. Your organization helped us because we didn't know what we were going to do without money, not even food or anything." - Ramon from Honduras, migrating with his wife and two blind daughters

"The apartments that Voices provides to women and children provide security, a welcome respite, and a sense of respected community.  As monthly donors, we are also proud to say that we have been volunteering by providing classes and crafts for children and adults for three years. As Panchito preaches, we may not be able to change lives, but we can change moments that might last a lifetime." - Frank and Linda de Kort, donors and volunteers

Our Mission

Our mission is to welcome the unwelcome by responding to the needs of migrating people in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico and deepening understanding in the US community about the lived experience of migration.

Our Vision

We aspire to change the global narrative about migration from one of exclusion to one of inclusion by building awareness about the lived experience of migration, the effects of immigration policies on human lives and the impact of escalating climate change and its effects on migration.

We are Funded by Donors Like You!

Our non-profit organization relies on our donors' generosity to provide critical services to asylum seekers waiting in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. Every donation is appreciated with sincerest gratitude, and every dollar is judiciously allocated to help those we serve.

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