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Walu International has worked in Lido, Papua New Guinea and Cuajachillo Dos, Nicaragua training communities to obtain healthy sanitation and hygiene by implementing hand washing stations, latrines, and assisting in petitioning local governments in accessing improved water sources. By doing this communities were empowered and equipped to fight the spread of disease. 

During the Covid19 Pandemic, Walu has been working with local businesses in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara County. The primary focus has been to find long term solutions to fight the spread of Covid19 and other harmful bacteria and viruses.

Now in its hometown of La Selva Beach in Santa Cruz County,  California, Walu is working  to battle the outcome of the Complex Fires. Walu will be working with impacted communities to provide the necessary resources to clean up properties destroyed by the fires. Resources include: hand washing stations to ensure proper hygiene is maintained to combat Covid19, strainers to sift debris to find treasures that survived the fires, sledgehammers, masks for debris, assistance with getting needed bins for debris disposal,  assistance with FEMA guidelines, assistance with FEMA housing options such as trailers on properties and volunteers to assist homeowners to sort through and clear everything but the slab. 

Fire CleanUp is needed quickly and is essential so that pollution of land and water does not occur. It is also the first step for residents in rebuilding their homes and lives.

Any donation amount helps. As always, Walu is 100% volunteer. Donations are used for supplies, training, transport, food/lodging for volunteers if necessary and some light marketing.  

Walu is also looking for volunteers to assist with Fire Clean Up. To volunteer, please contact CJ at cjwalu@gmail.com

Walu International is A US-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit with Federal Tax ID 38-3805595

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