Walu International

A nonprofit organization

Through Community Based Development, Walu works with community leaders and members to gain a collective voice to: 1. Empower community members to address current needs.  2. Prepare them for future disasters where government intervention is lacking. 3. Equip communities to be a key player in disaster recovery. 

Walu works with a wide range of demographics. This ensures the community, as a whole,  is represented. Trainings are available in churches, businesses, schools and organizations, etc. Groups are also encouraged to partner with one another when necessary to take ownership in initiatives involving daily community health and in times of crisis.

In order for this to happen, monetary assistance is needed. Contributions cover operational costs, training expenses and community projects. 

 Now more than ever as we face global emergencies and disasters amidst dwindling government support, we need to be equipped to better our communities. Without contributions, Walu cannot give the needed time and resources to do this effectively.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us by monetarily donating to Walu Int'l. For budgeting purposes, we are asking for monthly donations. This helps us effectively plan for training and community projects, If you cannot give a monthly donation, we value your generosity through a quarterly or one-time gift. 

You are welcome to participate in our trainings. You will find it inspiring to see what can happen when a community comes together and works towards a common goal. 

Walu International is A US-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit with Federal Tax ID 38-3805595

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