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The mission of the Warhawk Air Museum is threefold. We want to ignite in all visitors an appreciation for country, history, space, and aviation, give them a keener appreciation for the sacrifices of our veterans, and instill an understanding of how technology from the 1930s – 1960s evolved and benefited our global society.

So, where does your money go when you donate to the Warhawk Air Museum? 

Veterans History Project:

This project, in conjunction with the Library of Congress, serves to preserve the stories of our veterans. Veterans come to the museum to be interviewed in our on-site studio. We ask them about their early life, their military career, and their life after leaving the military. A copy of the interview is sent to the Library of Congress and the veteran is given a free copy to share with their family.

Restoration Projects:

Currently the museum has two restoration projects planned. The first is to restore the F-104A to its original US Air Force markings, and the second involves restoring the MiG-17 to its Cold War markings.


Hundreds of students come to the museum every school year on field trips. Donations to the education department allow us to continue offering powerful educational opportunities such as our Bridging the Generations program where students get to learn about World War II, Korea, and Vietnam from the veterans who lived it. Donations also help ensure that low-income schools that otherwise might not be able to take field trips don't miss out on experiencing the museum! 


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