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Twenty-month old Logan was at his grandpa's farm. Little children - especially those who like to splash - are drawn to water. But the splash created by Logan in the farm pond that early spring morning, was bigger and deeper than he expected. Although submergerd only a few minutes, Logan was not breathing when his grandmother pulled him from the water. Miracles often begin with a catastrophe, and a miracle came out of this one. Today, Logan is a happy little boy, doing all the things little boys his age do. Many people and medical entities as well as the North Valley Health Center played a role in this miracle named Logan. And, there is another factor in the story of his recovery. It was that everything needed for this miracle to happen was in place - ready. What if part of the network of care had not been there? What if North Valley Health Center had not been close by? What if there had been just a clinic and not an emergency room? What if there had been an emergency room, but not a doctor. What if there was a doctor, but no equipment with which to work? But it WAS there, and it was there because of donor support. Without donations, it is possible the NVHC with its doctors,equipment and emergency room would not be there. There's a face of a little blond boy beaming from a picture frame in the North Valley Health Center lobby. An inscription at the base of the frame says, "Thank you for everything you did for me. I would not be here if it weren't for you." Throughout the years there have been many who can say the same thing. " I wouldn't be here..." Through your donations you are part of the life saving miracle. A gift of $100 goes a long way to provide medical equipment. You can be assured that donation money goes for the stated project. No postage, paper, or wages comes from donation fund.

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