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Wartists, Inc. an initiative of ArtLords for the artists and activists (Artivists) in the frontlines of war and violence. It is a non-for-profit organization with 501c3 status, registered in the United States. 

ArtLords was established in 2014 in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is a global grassroots movement of artivists motivated by the desire to pave the way for social transformation and behavioral change through employing the soft power of art and culture as a non-intrusive approach.

Although art and conflict are always side-by-side as enemies or exponent of each other, still artists are the most vulnerable individuals in war and conflict zones. First, art is never prioritized in conflict zones because it is seen as a luxurious thing; secondly, artists suffer in war zones because much religious dogmatic propaganda denies the importance of art in the wellbeing of society. Therefore, artists are isolated, and their art pieces not valued.

ArtLords sees the potential and desire for change in young population of Afghanistan, Afghan refugees, and young people in post-conflict societies to address concerns and create solutions based on alternative ways of thinking. It is finding solution in the absolute center of the problem itself. ArtLords realized the opportunity for converting the negative psychological impact of blast walls on the people of Kabul into a positive visual experience. By placing issues of concerning ordinary citizens on the blast walls, ArtLords has been enabled to create a space where social issues can be expressed in a visual manner and discussed in the street, where the open art workshops take place. 

ArtLords provides a platform for dialogue among ordinary people on the streets. It is giving a visual voice to the voiceless, which is the motivated dynamic behind the very existence of the movement. ArtLords is to promote the message of peace, empathy, acceptance, and tolerance in Afghanistan and within Afghan refugees and other post-conflict countries through the expressivity of the arts and culture. It wished to portray a visual representation of the communities’ desire to move from war towards peace and inclusivity. 

Creating a relationship between people and art, by bringing art to the people, allows for a much-needed psychological shift that opens people’s minds to new prospects. The use of art opens up space for ‘emotions without affiliation’. It stimulates critical thought and helps people understand that war is a commonly shared experience and that only a common effort, coming from within society, can bring about peace, empathy and inclusivity in Afghanistan, South Asia and Middle East.


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