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Most of us have the health insurance that takes care of our basic needs, but 17 our of every 100 local residents do NOT have any coverage - not even Medicaid.

An injury or illness can turn anyone into a shut-in - Once this happens, you are out of sight, and easily forgotten.

The Wheelchair Society goal is to provide the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) the gives back safety, diginity, and independence in the home.

A wheelchair gives mobility, a bath chair equals safety, with a bedside commode basic sanitary need is met. Even something as simple as a cane gives security during recovery.

Each year we take in the donated equipment - fix and clean it - and distribute it free fo charge to our neighbors who have no other resourse. We have served thousands of families and individuals in Maryland, Virginia, and The District of Columbia.

Our workshop in Silver Spring serves as the intake point for all donated equipment and then it is distributed to local groups and organizations who give it to families in their local area. We also provide repair parts that are needed to keep the equipment in working order over time.

We don't cure any disease, but we do give back (using the DME) the ability to have choices during the day that a disability robs the patient of.

Your financial contribution goes 100% to pay for the euipment shop, and information programs. This provides a place for the equipment repairs, parts storage, and user training.

We are open 6 days a week serving families and individuals in the area.


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