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Our Mission and Vision

Washington Area Women’s Foundation’s mission is to mobilize our community to ensure that economically vulnerable women and girls in the Washington region have the resources they need to thrive.  We are the region’s only donor-supported foundation focused exclusively on investing in women and girls.

We believe in the promise and value of every woman and girl in the Washington area, and we know that when they achieve their full potential, our entire region benefits.  This approach connects us to the global movement that recognizes that promoting the prosperity of women and girls is key to stronger, more resilient and healthier communities.

Our Work

Grants:  Using our deep expertise and insight into the needs of women and girls in the region, we are able to collect, direct and leverage resources so they support the most effective organizations and solutions working toward increasing economic security.  In the last five years, we have:

  • Invested nearly $5 million in grants to more than 45 community-based organizations.
  • Helped more than 3,100 women increase their assets by more than $13 million through decreased debt, increased savings and growing equity related to homeownership.
  • Helped over 900 women increase their work-related income by more than $4 million.

Research and Education:  We conduct research on the status of women and girls in our region in order to educate our community about the most effective strategies to address the needs of women and girls.  Our latest publication, 2010 Portrait of Women & Girls in the Washington Metropolitan Area, found that there are more than 200,000 women and girls living in poverty in our region, a statistic that we are working to erase.

Influence:  We use our insight, expertise, and research to influence and activate our community, opinion leaders, and policymakers around the idea that when we take into account the needs of women and girls, we create opportunities for them to reach their full potential and for our community to prosper through their participation.

When you support The Women’s Foundation, you help create and sustain a community of everyday philanthropists who are making the Washington region thrive.



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