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Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency (Wayne Metro) is grateful for the opportunity to partner alongside Crain's May Days of Giving and raise money to support our Save the Day Fund! On October 21st, 2021, Wayne Metro is celebrating our 50th Anniversary Gala and all proceeds from the event will impact our communities and Save the Day in emergency and time-sensitive situations. 

Wayne Metro's  Save the Day Fund was created to help eliminate gaps in services by providing discretionary support for our clients and serves over 600 families each year! Save the Day funds will be used across agency departments on a case by case basis to divert or address critical situations by providing financial assistance toward, but not limited to, the following: utility assistance, shelter, food, transportation, household items/appliance replacement, minor home/weatherization repair, clothing, work supports, school supports, documentation fees (e.g. birth certificates, ID, etc.) and other needs to be determined on a case by case basis. The funds have a significant impact on the lives of residents who may otherwise fall through the cracks. 

By supporting Wayne Metro's Save the Day Fund, you will be making an impact and improving  the lives of people like our (3) clients below (names have been changed for privacy):  

  1.  Nora, a disabled woman living with her autistic son and recovering addict daughter had her power turned off for non-payment of her electric bill, and her son was unable to do his virtual schooling. Nora got in trouble from the school because he was missing class, and she was embarrassed to tell them it was because her services were off.  By way of Wayne Metro's Save the Day Fund, we were able to pay the reconnect fee and her balance, so that her son could get back in school.
  2. Dorothy, a 90-year old senior resident who is blind and lives alone experienced a terrifying home invasion and all she could do was scream for help. The City of Detroit worked to clear the alley of overgrowth near her home and installed new lights on the block for safety, however they were unable to provide any alley lights.  A program called Outdoor Protective Lighting and DTE stepped up to install the alley light equipment for free, however, there was a monthly cost for the light ranging from $14/month or $168 dollars per year. Dorothy, unable to pay the annual fee due to a fixed income and contacted Wayne Metro for assistance.  Through our Save the Day Fund,  Wayne Metro was able to sponsor the light in turn giving Dorothy a sense of safety and security back.
  3.  Wayne Metro received a referral from the Detroit Health Department regarding a child with a blood lead level of 43.9, which is extremely high, and immediate treatment is critical to avoid long-term brain dysfunction.  Without hesitation, Wayne Metro stepped in and used Save the Day funds to pay for a hotel stay for the family while lead remediation took place in their home. 

These are just a few stories of everyday people, however since the COVID-19 pandemic began last year, our communities and families have been facing unprecedented challenges and the demand for services has been tremendous. Wayne Metro was awarded millions of dollars in federal, local, and private funding directed toward COVID relief, and with that, we assisted more families than ever before. Families received food and other income support, water & energy assistance, emergency plumbing, and home repairs, rent or mortgage assistance, funeral support, digital devices, and transportation support.  Now as we continue through 2021, we expect to serve more than 300,000 Wayne County residents, 2 ½ times our normal volume of activity. We will continue to respond to calls to serve communities and people so that they may become strong, healthy, and thriving. We envision healthy communities where all people have hope and opportunities to realize their full potential. Over the last 50 years, Wayne Metro has provided economic independence programs that nurture families and build communities. We hope you will join our efforts and donate to our mission today!  

For more information visit https://www.waynemetro.org/, check out our 2020 Wayne Metro Annual Report, or watch our 2020 Annual Meeting below!

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