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The Weber School Foundation and the Weber School District takes the issue of safety for our students extremely serious. Over the past year, through a strong partnership with law enforcement, we have established a school safety plan unparalleled anywhere in the country. 


Our safety plans have been updated, implemented, and training provided for every employee in every school in the district.  This plan includes School Resource Officers in our schools, anti-drug, anti-bullying, and anti-gang lessons throughout the district; as well as a video security system that is shared with law enforcement to keep our children safe.


Many of our schools continue to identify areas where they may improve their overall safety and response plan.  From additional video security cameras being installed in playground and parking lot areas, to the purchase of automated external defibrillators, our schools are continually working to provide a safe environment for their students. 


Please consider donating directly to your local school or to the Weber School Foundation during “Love Utah Give Utah” and all funds will be allocated to our schools for enhancement of safety in the schools. 

You may donate today by: 

1 – Bringing your donation to your local school.

2 – Mailing your donation to the Weber School Foundation at 5320 S Adams Ave Parkway, Ogden UT 84405. Include the name of the school you would like to support. If you don’t have a  preference, the Foundation will help the school with the most need.

3 – Clicking on the link below and donate today.

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