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W.E.R.C., the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center provides the community with rehabilitation services for orphaned, injured and sick native wildlife. Through our educational programs, W.E.R.C. encourages a peaceful coexistence between civilization and our native wildlife.

The Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center in Morgan Hill, CA is both an acute care center for injured and sick wildlife and a nurturing center for orphaned wildlife too young to exist on their own.

W.E.R.C. operates as a temporary refuge as the organization's goal is not to tame, but to release animals back into their native habitat healthy, wild, and free.

As such, it is the only facility in the South Santa Clara County licensed by California Department of Fish and Wildlife and by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to care for native wildlife.

In addition to caring for native wildlife, W.E.R.C. provides a list of ancillary services to the community, and these services are provided at no cost.

These services include:

  • Educational programs for grades K-6. Special emphasis is placed on educating children about the importance of wildlife safety, habitat preservation, wilderness awareness, and our ability to co-exist with native wildlife.

  • Outreach events where the public can see our Educational Ambassadors up close and personal. Questions are asked and information is exchanged, leading to a greater awareness of our native wildlife and their importance in our environment.

  • Telephone Advisory Service including reference and referral information.

  • A Speakers Bureau providing presentations to community and service organizations.

  • Participation in community events with educational exhibits.

  • An Internship Program for college students.

Our outreach events at schools and public locations reach hundreds, if not thousands, of South Valley residents, both children and adults, and raises their awareness to the needs of our native wildlife.

W.E.R.C. receives no governmental funding.

We rely solely on donations from supporters and grants from generous foundations.

Though our facility is staffed by our amazing volunteers, the cost we incur for the care of our patients continues to climb. The cost of food, medicine and supplements are but a small fraction of our needs. Regular maintenance is needed to keep our animal enclosures up to our high standards.

As an example, our largest flight aviary, the largest in the South Valley, is in need of repairs. The cost of securing materials and a contractor will come close to $10,000, and could exceed that amount.

Then there is the cost of each animal that comes in to our care. An orphaned Hummingbird can cost approximately $25 to care for, for a month or so, until it is able to be released. That is a rather 'simple' case. On the other end of the spectrum, a Great Horned Owl suffering from gunshot wounds requires much more intensive care, including vet visits, potential surgeries, medications, and a costly specialized diet. Costs for such a case can quickly rise in to the thousands of dollars.

Your generosity ensures that W.E.R.C. Can continue our mission to keep the South Valley wild!

Thank you,
Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center
Morgan Hill, California

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