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In every community, there are needs. For some, it is the need for life’s most basic of necessities – food, shelter, clothes, health. Others need resources and encouragement to learn and grow. Support of the arts, remembrance of things past, protection of the future – the way those and so many other needs are met define the community.

Fortunately in Wichita there are many who willingly step up with financial resources, with leadership, with whatever it takes to meet the needs and improve the lives of the people who call Kansas home.

The Wichita Community Foundation is here to help. We work as convenors, providing a point of contact between those in need and those who can assist. As Foundation administrators, we make the most of every financial gift by carefully overseeing investments, then putting the earnings to work locally as grants for nonprofit organizations. We handle the myriad of paperwork and procedures it takes to assure accurate and timely distribution of funds.

The Wichita Community Foundation continues the rich Kansas tradition of nonprofit service and charitable giving by supporting programs, projects, and organizations that creatively and successfully bind the community together to enrich the quality of life for all citizens.


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