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It all began in July of 2004, when a compassionate man took pity on a tiny, emaciated black bear cub, who barely survived a vehicle accident, but took the life of her mother.  Looking like a concentration camp victim, with an ugly disfigured upper lip hanging like a curtain over her lower jaw, this “little bear” limped around the perimeter of the forest searching for anything that smelled like food.  Weighing in at a measly 15 pounds at 5 months of age, the boney, disheveled cub was soon transferred to Wildhaven Ranch.  So began a long rehabilitation, from a much needed surgery to her mouth, performed by another kind man, a veterinarian, so the little bear could have a normal life.

Nicknamed “Little Bear”, she disarmed her caregivers, especially her new foster mother, Diane, the Curator of The Ranch.  The bear cub was so “starved” for food and attention, soon her weight rapidly grew to 80 pounds in just a short six months.  Orphaned and injured, Little Bear stubbornly clung to life, and managed to keep a sweet, calm spirit about her, even up to this day. Fish and Wildlife was not comfortable about returning a bear cub into the wild that needed so much intensive care by humans.  She could be a danger to herself and others, in jeopardy of being hurt, killed, or accidentally hurting others.  So Wildhaven was asked to commit to caring for this “little bear” in captivity for the rest of her life.  “Little Bear”, now at ten years old, weighs about 350 pounds, and shares a 7000 square foot facility with 3 other orphaned black bears. 

Little Bear inspires children and adults whenever she interacts with her caregivers.  This gentle bear struggled against all odds to survive.  Wildhaven’s motto “Preserving wildlife helps heal the human spirit” really does apply to the life of this Animal Being! 

Visit Little Bear, Snickers, Bayley and Misha, the orphaned bears at Wildhaven Ranch.  They will teach you how valuable ursus americanus are to our ecosystem, and they'll capture your heart!

This is just one of many stories about our wildlife that were rescued to live a better life.  Our goal is to share good stewardship for our ecosystem, especially, wildlife.  Visit Wildhaven and support our goals to preserve wildlife in the State of California!

Wildhaven Ranch is a wildlife sanctuary in Cedar Glen that gives programs to the public by appointments only.  Bears, Bobcat, Coyotes, Deer, Eagles, Falcon, Hawk, Owl and Raccoons are seen “up close and personal” in guided tours.  For reservations, call (909) 337-7389.

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