Wildlife Rescue Team Inc

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$2,508 raised by 47 donors

Wildlife Rescue Team, Inc. started in Lincoln in 1979 by a lady who wanted to help rescue wild animals.  We have permits from Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the US Fish and Wildlife Serivce in order to care for the wildlife.

We care for all wild animals that are native to Nebraska except for raptors, skunks, and deer. Our organization is completely volunteer based.  All of the donations that we receive from the public and membership dues is used to care for the wildlife.

We are in-home rehabbers, which means that we care for these animals in our homes and backyards. We receive phone calls throughout the state of Nebraska asking for assistance for animals that have been injured or orphaned. We also try to educate the public in understanding the habits of the wildlife, living in harmony with them, and deciding whether the animal really needs to be rescued.

When we receive animals, they are cared for by our wildlife rehabbers until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Here are some recent rescue stories:

  • A momma raccoon with her two month old baby were found in a wall in a building in Omaha. They were live trapped and our rehabber took them in and took care of them until they could be released.
  • A dog dug up a nest of baby bunnies and our rehabber helped the person who owned the dog work on keeping the dog away so the mother bunny could raise her babies.
  • Three baby squirrels were found hanging on a pine tree and crying. Their mother was nowhere around. Our rehabber picked up the baby squirrels and took care of them. They were dehydrated and full of fleas. We cared for them until they could be released when they were old enough.
  • A bird nest fell during a storm and the mother robin was killed. Our rehabber took care of the nestlng robins until they were able to be on their own.
  • The fox the lady kept seeing in her neighborhood was suffering from mange. Our rehabber was able to trap the fox and treat it with medicine so that it was cured and released.
  • A mother opossum was found by the side of the road and she had been hit by a car. Her 12 babies were still clinging onto her. Our rehabber picked up the babies and took care of them.
  • Some ducklings were found roaming around the yard without their mother. With mom being long gone, our rehabber captured them and took care of them.
  • A turtle was found on the highway near Lincoln. and it had damage to its shell. Our rehabbers cared for it until the shell healed and it could be returned to the wild.

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