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What We Do

Wildlife Waystation is located in the Angeles National Forest just north of Los Angeles.  We are home to more than 40 chimpanzees many of which were once used for testing in biomedical research laboratories. 

However, this 160-acre sanctuary has rescued more than 77,000 animals during the last 41 years. We are the oldest sanctuary of its kind in the United States.  

Wildlife Waystation is also refuge for tigers, lions, leopards, bobcats, mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, baboons, many species of monkeys, hyenas, bears, foxes, reptiles, exotic birds, birds of prey, bison, alpaca and many more.

We provide care for 129 species totaling 475 animals -- all of which were rescued as abused, abandoned, orphaned, injured or otherwise unwanted.  

To Find Out More About Our Work Visit: www.wildlifewaystation.org

Why We Need Funding

Day-to-Day Costs: It costs approximately $30/day to care for each chimp for food, water, medical, enrichment and all of the other aspects of the quality care they receive at Wildlife Waystation.  Let's do the math : $30/day x 42 chimps totals  nearly $460,000 annually for chimp care. This does not include facility improvements or expansions.

Enrichment: Chimpanzees are incredibly intelligent and require constant intellectual stimulation and physical exercise. Wildlife Waystation employs a dedicated staff of chimp caretakers including those specifically devoted to enrichment activities.  We are seeking funds for a variety of enrichment needs including hardware items (PVC pipes, chimp proof locks, chains), toys (bubble maker, plastic mirrors, swings, boomer balls), healthy treats (grains, coconut water, sugar free jello, popcorn) and paint & other art supplies. These items help to create exciting challenges and daily fun. We are expanding the toolkit for their needs in order to maintain a healthy and robust learning environment.  

Flatbed Trailers: With an evacuation tunnel currently under construction, the final step in our emergency evacuation protocol requires the purchase of 7 to 8 additional flat bed trailers for mounting chimp travel crates in order to safely transfer chimps off of the property. Quality used trailers can be purchased for approximately $5000 each or a total of $40,000 to complete our evacuation system. 

The Work We've Been Doing

Bedrooms:  We’re currently building two new chimpanzee bedrooms. After decades of use, the existing bedroom facilities were in urgent need of updating. Demolition of those facilities began in August. Construction during summer months is imperative as by mid-October the evenings in the mountain terrains can become very cold. The chimp bedrooms require reinforced flooring and walls, platforms for sleeping, bullet proof glass windows for viewing and steel wire fencing all around. They also need to be connected to the outdoor enclosures. Chimps are incredibly strong, intelligent, patient and resourceful. We want to make certain our chimps stay safe and sound inside their enclosures. The design and construction of these bedrooms requires special expertise. 

Evacuation Tunnel:  During recent fires, we immediately evacuate as many animals as quickly and safely as possible. An enclosed and move-able "tunnel" or aerial walkway would ensure the quickest and safest evacuation possible. 

All of the Chimpanzee “apartments” are connected with runways, which provide several evacuation routes. A tunnel allows us to move each chimp family group through connected runways and then walk them through the runway connected to the transport caging.

This tunnel could mean the difference between having to take the time to anesthetize and carry out each animal, which is stressful and potentially dangerous for the animals and humans. Having a "tunnel" and the chimps trained to use them, will enable our keepers to load the animals quickly and safely into travel crates, 2 per crate and 3-4 on each trailer (depending on the length of the trailer).

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