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Dear Friend,

At its core, a library is a place where literary, artistic, and reference materials are kept for use but not for sale.  Fortunately for us, the Windsor Public Library is so much more.  Our library reinforces personal freedom, imagination, discovery, and literacy. 

The Windsor Public Library is an incorporated library as opposed to a town library. Town libraries are fully supported by their town. Here in Windsor, our library is a private nonprofit. We gratefully receive 2/3 of our needed income from the town, but rely on donations, and interest from our investment account for the other third. Unfortunately, due to the current economic situation, our investment account has plummeted. Our current budget relies on withdrawing monthly interest from this account to make ends meet. The recent stock market downturn means that the interest we can safely draw is much, much less. Your help is urgently needed to fill this gap. 

 We realize that many of you may not be in a position to help at this time. We give you heartfelt thanks for previous support and our most heartfelt wish that your situation improves very soon. What's happening right now in the world means that some of us are struggling. If you can't help financially at this time, of course we understand. But if you can, please know that we are so grateful. 

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