Womankind (formerly New York Asian Women's Center)

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Womankind, formerly the New York Asian Women’s Center, works with survivors of gender-based violence to rise above trauma and build a path to healing. Since 1982, we have been bringing critical resources and deep cultural competency to help survivors of all ages find refuge, recovery, and renewal from domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual violence. Last year, we served more than 2,000 survivors of violence through a range of services (counseling, emergency housing, support group, legal, financial empowerment, among others), and fielded 1,300+ first-time calls to our 24-hour helpline (18+ Asian languages and dialects including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, and Vietnamese).  

Womankind is adapting to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. With the same commitment to our communities that we have had since our inception, we remain nimble and responsive.

 With the enforcement of social distancing to flatten the curve as COVID-19 spreads, schools, child care centers and businesses have been shut down. Survivors and their children may be trapped at home with their abusive partners and face additional violence and challenges. We are concerned for their safety and well-being. During times of economic downturn and social isolation we have seen survivors face higher rates of abuse, violence, and financial hardship. Just in the last few days, numerous survivors have come forward and shared stories of losing their jobs, many of whom may not even qualify for unemployment. We expect this number to continue to rise. Survivors are worried about basic necessities like paying rent, purchasing food, and accessing health-care as well as other essential items. 

You can help survivors meet this gap. Every dollar and every day counts.

At Womankind, the average beneficiary is Asian, has a family income of $15,000, speaks limited English, holds no legal immigration status, and has two children to support. As 66% of the clients we serve identify as Asian, we know that Womankind is in the unique position of helping survivors who may face additional cultural, linguistic and financial barriers while seeking help especially during this unprecedented time. There are increased incidents of anti-Asian bias that are scary to survivors and induce anxiety for the Asian community at large. Survivors in the Asian communities that may not be able to access other resources know that they can turn to us for support.

Today, we are asking you to think about these survivors and their families.

Womankind remains committed to keeping our doors open to survivors and will continue to be a safe space for them. Our dedicated staff are first responders. They continue to step up to ensure that all those with vulnerabilities are helped. In this moment of heightened fear and uncertainty, we turn to you all. We need your help in mobilizing crucial funds to help survivors and their children. Your gift today will provide immediate assistance and some peace of mind to the survivors and their families who seek help.

Can we count on your emergency support today?

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