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Women In Transition serves adult women who have a serious and persistent mental illness.  Women In Transition is composed of three programs, a Community Based Residential Facility, a supported apartment program which is situated next to the CBRF, and a satellite program where consumers live on their own but with the support of the WIT social work staff.  Staff strives to provide flexible, individually tailored services.  Staff is available to listen and respond with information on available services, provide support, counseling and problem solving.  We believe in the concept of empowerment, individual goals and that personal desires are paramount in the clinical planning and most decison making.  Staff actively encourages a cooperative living arrangement and highly value individual desires and encourages women to express their opinions and wishes.  However, at times, the need to provide an organized and supportive environment for the group may override an individual request or desire.  WIT has established participant expectations and responsibilities that are essential to the program.  They include integration of indepedent living skills as well as socialization skills.  Response plans allow for person centered planning based on a partnership between provider and consumer.

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