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             Is purity before marriage a thing of the past?

We are lead to believe so by the media.

But WFWP challenges such an attitude. We are sure that there are young men and young women in the metro DC communities who want to remain pure and give themselves to their spouse one day after they have committed themselves to each other through the marriage vows.

For 3 years WFWP in the metro DC area has hosted  a high school purity essay contest challenging those who want to stay pure to tell their stories with the possibility of winning a grand prize of $500, second prize of $300 and 3rd prize of $150. 

The students are required to address all three topics below:

1.  What are the benefits of maintaining sexual purity before marriage?

2.  How can I encourage others to do the same?

3.  Can my personal life decisions have an effect on the U.S.?

Photos from the Award Ceremony held coincidentally on Mother's Day 2011 show that many people believe that purity before marriage is not only a desireable, but a healthy way to live their lives.

Maintaining purity before marriage builds self esteem, confidence, and empowerment to stay true to their choices. It encourages young people to be strong to withstand peer pressure, mainstream opinions, and become good citizens who can uphold true family values, thus building good communities and a better and safer society to live in.

Your donations will help WFWP strengthen the metro DC youth and build safer communities. We need your help to do this. Besides the Essay Contest, we have educational seminars and we help support relief efforts. We believe in rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty to bring about positive and lasting change to uplift all people.

Thank you! We appreciate your support and look forward to working together with you for positive community growth and change!                


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