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The Center was founded in 1958 by a group of parents whose children had disabilities. When public education for all children was mandated in the mid 1970’s, our focus changed to assisting adults with physical and intellectual disabilities.  The disabilities that are experienced by our population hampers or reduces a person’s ability to carry out his/her day to day activities. Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, our services grew to support a wider variety of needs of adults with disabilities. Employment programs began in the mid 1980’s to teach, train, and prepare individuals for employment, to earn a paycheck, and to be proud members of our community.  Residential programs and services were introduced in the late 1980’s to address the needs of individuals that were no longer able to live at home, and needed support from the Work Activity Center to live in community locations.  Additional day locations were opened in the 1990’s to assist individuals who experience significant and multiple disabilities, and needed both community and sensory experiences. Today, the Work Activity Center is one of Utah’s most vibrant training and work alternatives in the Salt Lake Valley area, providing an invaluable resource for 160 participants and their families.

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