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Curable eye cancer kills 7,000 children each year and blinds many more. Every child deserves the best chance for a cure. We educate to achieve early diagnosis, empower global delivery of sustainable high-quality medical care, and enable family support programs that improve access to essential care.

We bring those opportunities to children and adult survivors around the world by

Educating the public and primary health workers about retinoblastoma to achieve early diagnosis and rapid referral to specialist care;

Empowering the medical community to deliver sustainable high quality evidence-based care that gives each child and adult survivor the best possible opportunities;

Enabling family support programs that reduce practical, emotional, financial and social burdens and improve access to essential care.

We work from grassroots to national level, empowering communities and medical teams to vault many different challenges so each child can receive best possible care.  We encourage families, survivors, the international eye care and cancer communities, imaging industry, health care policymakers and researchers to be active leaders in developing high quality sustainable care.

We unite and inspire our supporters worldwide to champion every child’s right to special protection, quality medical care and good health, survival and dignity, love and understanding.

With your help, we can ensure the needs of every child with retinoblastoma, every survivor, and their family are met. With your help, we are creating a bright future for all affected by childhood eye cancer, and with your help, we will reach a day when no one suffers needlessly because of this highly curable cancer.

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