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Rainforest Trust believes the key to being successful at securing private lands is to work through locally-based conservation organizations that negotiate, acquire and manage private lands.

We carefully select our partners to ensure they are legally constituted non-profits, with good governance, an experienced staff familiar with the local situation, and have the highest legal and ethical insight. These groups exist and have been very successful to date at securing land. The limiting factor, however, is access to donor funds.

Rainforest Trust's goal is to secure the funds necessary to allow local organizations to fulfill their mission - to purchase and manage critical lands for biodiversity conservation. Also, Rainforest Trust helps build the capacity of local groups by providing recommendations and bolstering their staff and infrastructure.

Rainforest Trust monitors each project through regular reporting from local partners, so that we can ensure donors their funds are achieving the greatest conservation results.

By working exclusively through local conservation organizations, Rainforest Trust is able to keep the size of our own staff and overhead costs extremely low. Because our board members and key supporters fund our low operating costs, we can ensure that 100% of your donations to our projects go directly to conservation actions.

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