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Who are we?

From ambassadors to young leaders to experts on pressing international topics the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and S. Indiana brings unique programming and opportunities to Louisville throughout the year. As our world becomes more global, the more we understand different cultures and are able to connect with people from around the world, the better off we'll be as a community.

How Does the World Affairs Council Change People's Lives?

From a program participant:

"The World Affairs Council Student Exchange program is quite possibly the best thing I ever done for my family.

I have a son, Zachary, whose father is Arabic/Muslim. He was deported before Zachary was born.  I have no way to share my son's Arabic/Muslim heritage with him, and he really wants to know more about it.  I thought this program would be a good way to expose Zachary to his father's culture and traditions.  Not only did our exchange student, Mazin, answer every question Zachary had, but he, also, cleared up misconceptions about his culture/country and became a big brother to my son and a permanent part of our family.

I could have cried when I came home from work and saw Mazin sitting at the kitchen table helping Zachary with homework.  He didn't do it because I asked or Zachary asked.  He just knew it would be helpful and did it every day until he left.  It was heartwarming. 

This is the caliber of young adults that participate in this program.  He not only touched me and my heart but my mother as well.  We enjoyed sharing our home and culture with him every day and miss him terribly. So much that I have participated in this program as often as I can.  

Every time is a wonderful and different experience, filling my life and heart with adopted sons and daughters.  All of which keep in touch, and we look forward to seeing them again some day."  

- Teri D.

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