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Right now, we provide about 5500 meals a year to our homebound, but we must do more.

Just imagine, having worked your entire life, conscientiously raised your children, paid your taxes for many decades, maybe served in the military-survived battles, and protected the nation… yet now, when once hopeful and planned to comfortably retire, finding yourself in your eighties and nineties being disabled or hungry, in a rural area low on resources and living alone.

We intend to positively impact our neighbors in this situation, providing meals and comfort as can be sustained as this is one of our key mission points in helping those in need, especially seniors who are disabled or food insecure.

The quest of Yarnell Community Center is to reach all those disabled or food insecure in the Yarnell region, providing a connection to the community and helping to fulfill their basic needs. We cannot be satisfied until we fully reach these goals and of course until they are made sustainable by ongoing donor support. Remember with the Yarnell Community Center and its humble operation, the impact of a donation goes a long way.

The second key point of focus within our mission is community quality of life. We host events, activities, serve about 6500 nutritious lunches per year and promote advocacy for programs that encourage health and wellness.

Your kind donation will directly help us ensure sustainability of meeting our current reach and help touch more lives giving us the means to bring food to those who otherwise would go without. Although this program is serving many in need in our area, the critical various needs of many more go unmet each day. The Yarnell Community Center accepts this calling as our responsibility, partner with us and share in our important mission.

Over the next few years, as we ensure our sustainability, we will work with multiple organizations from many small rural towns in the large Yarnell region, as satellite locations for our cause. 

Your contribution truly shapes our ability to achieve depth in our vital objectives. With our commitment in driving our services, the projected reach of our programs, carefully managed stewardship, the shared clarity of vision from our Board, staff, volunteers, management and harmonious deployment of all internal and external customer care, you can be confident your donation will be well applied and greatly appreciated by many in need.

Our Warm Thanks,
Yarnell Community Center


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