Corner Health Center d.b.a. for Young Adults Health Center, Inc.

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The Young Adults Health Center was established to deal with high rates of teen pregnancy in Ypsilanti. In our first few years of operation, the teen birth rate in Ypsilanti dropped by 56%! The Corner was also established to provide primary medical care to 12 to 21 year olds who did not have a family doctor and/or were more comfortable receiving birth control and other services from a provider especially for teens.


Located in downtown Ypsilanti, The Corner clinic provides family planning services, prenatal care, gynecology, general medical, pediatric and psychiatry services. Counseling and short-term therapy by social workers are important services as well. There is an on-site WIC program that serves approximately 600 participants. The Corner also helps patients apply for insurance. In FY05 there were over 1,600 patients who made more than 5,800 visits. In addition, our theatre troupe performs in schools about real issues young people face such as dating violence, STDs and AIDS, smoking, avoiding early sexual involvement, etc. Comprised of high school students, the troupe uses peer education because teens can reach other teens more effectively with these prevention messages. Outreach efforts include publicizing eligibility for Medicaid and other subsidized health care, informing teens about The Corner's services in schools and local businesses that hire teens and young adults.

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Corner Health Center d.b.a. for Young Adults Health Center, Inc.

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