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A recent "taste of our ministry from Amy VanderKamp our Campus Life M Director.


How we thank God for you! Because of you we have great joy as we enter God’s presence.  1Thessalonians 3:9   As we move into this winter season, we have great joy as God has been moving powerfully through our student body this year. Just the other day, as I walked through the school lunch room, a 7th grade boy stopped me dead in my tracks and said:    “Hey, Club last night was amazing!”     Surprised a bit by his enthusiasm, I then proceeded to ask him:    “Why was club so great?”    His response blew me away.     “Club is the one place where I can be myself.  I mean last night I was crying, as i dealt with the pain of my past.  All of my friends were there, and I was just sobbing."   In club that night, we encouraged the students as they walked in to write down how they felt on a chalk board. The response we received was heartbreaking.    As students wrote:    “LONLEY,  FORGOTTEN, ABUSED, BROKEN, UGLY,  SAD, CONFUSED, FAILURE...”    And the list goes on.   As the night progressed we encouraged the students to “go into the mess” with us, and begin to process how these feelings tend to define who they are. At the end of the night we offered the students an opportunity for hope through sharing the message of Christ and it was amazing to see the transformation from tears in their eyes to smiles on their faces.   We thank you, for giving us, the opportunity to enter into the presence of God with these students. Their lives' will be forever changed because of your generosity and support of the ministry of Youth For Christ.   Amy VanderKamp, Crossroads Campus Life-M

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