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YPIC helps the disadvantaged Youth and Adults of Yuma County who are lacking opportunities to complete their educational goals; or to help them obtain a credential that will make them employable; or to simply find full time
employment that will allow them to become self-sufficient and to better provide for their families.

A High School diploma, GED, or Occupational Skills Training becomes vital when a youth is trying to find his/her potential, abilities, or when he/she needs to provide for a family. Should they worry about their immediate needs or do they worry about long term needs?

YPIC provides many of these services in our community, such as :GED classes, Life Skills workshops, computer workshops, training, employment placement, internships, Resume assistance, a Youth career center, a Charter High School, etc.

Many of our returning Veterans, or military spouses are also in need of our specialized services to help them find employment after being transferred, or further their careers after discharge.

Being a small, rural community isolated by 200 miles of desert, with a vast number of seasonal farmworkers, it is not surprising that Yuma has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation (average 27%), high drop-out rates, high teen pregnancy rates, in and out of juvenile are some of the key obstacles that the youth of Yuma has to overcome if they are to become productive members of our society.

And what can the community do to help?

As funds get reduced, less clients will be able to receive the needed services to get them "back on track" and become self-sufficient. We hope you will consider assisting us with your generous donation to continue to provide these
invaluable services. When our customers are successful, YPIC's staff celebrates, and then encourages them to 'pass it forward' and inspire other job seekers to do great things!

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