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Bat Conservation International's mission is to protect and restore bats and their habitats worldwide, through: EDUCATION-teaching people to understand and value bats as essential allies, CONSERVATION-protecting critical bat habitats and encouraging others to join in our efforts, RESEARCH-advancing scientific knowledge about bats, their conservation needs, and the ecosystems that rely on them, and WIN-WIN SOLUTIONS-relying on nonconfrontational approaches that help both bats and people. We understand the needs of wildlife must be balanced with the needs of humans. We also belive that conservation of bats is an essential element in safegaurding human economies, healthy environments, and the benefits of our planet's rich biodiversity for future generations.


Bat Conservation International (BCI) is involved in a wide variety of conservation, research, and educational projects worldwide. Projects range from the production of Spanish-language educational materials, such as children's books, slide sets, and videos,to helping people participate in bat conservation and research efforts as members of the North American Bat House Research Project. BCI publications provide educational material for the general public, researchers, educators, and many others. Members of BCI receive BATS, a respected quarterly publication that provides the primary source for conservation information on bats worldwide. BCI’s current program areas include: The North American Bat Conservation Partnership (NABCP), Mexico-U.S. Migratory Bat Initiative (PCMM), North American Bats & Mines Program, National Bats & Bridges Project, North American Bat House Research Project (NABHRP), Student Scholarship Program, Bat Conservation & Management Workshops, Bats in Buildings Program, and our Global Grassroots Initiative. For program descriptions see our web site ( link under "Projects:"

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