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In fiscal year 2023, DOORWAYS served more than 3,100 individuals, plus families with children, who were homeless, or at imminent risk of becoming homeless, have very low or even no income, and are struggling with HIV. Stable housing provides the opportunity for stable healthcare. Through a focused case management program with referrals and self-development programs, our residents are provided with the resources they need to begin managing their health, as well as the main causes of homelessness: poverty, substance use, mental health needs, education, employment, etc. Stabilizing housing and health is the first step to stabilizing lives, leading to hopefulness to begin building a better future for themselves and their families.

DOORWAYS services are provided through a nursing facility (Cooper House) for those unable to live independently, an Emergency Housing program, the Own Home program which provides subsidies to prevent homelessness, the Residential program with permanent housing and self-development workshops, and the Outstate program in under-served counties in Missouri and Illinois.

We are constantly in touch with clients by phone and in-person working with them to assure basic needs are being met and helping them create an environment of hope. DOORWAYS assures that clients and their families have the housing and supportive services they need. Your donation helps us continue to serve our residents and our community.

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