DuMond Conservancy for Primates and Tropical Forests, Inc

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The DuMond Conservancy is the home to more than 60 owl monkeys, many retired from biomedical laboratories.
For over 30 years, the DuMond Conservancy has provided a reserve for retired owl monkeys and their families. Historically, owl monkeys have been used in U.S. labs involving eye-care product testing (because of the monkeys' big eyes) or studies concerning the biology and treatment of malaria infections in humans. Most of the monkeys are admitted to the Conservancy visually impaired and/or without spleens, which results in lasting effects from their time in laboratories which adds significant costs to the provision of care. Support is needed to help the DuMond Conservancy provide fresh healthy diets, safe enclosures in a natural forested area, daily enrichment, veterinary care, and compassionate staff. The DuMond Conservancy continues to give the best life-time care for these pint-sized, big-eyed, furry healthcare heroes.

We also provide opportunities for scientists and for students of varying ages. They participate in creative science, educational programs, and gain experience through unique encounters with nonhuman primates. The students learn invaluable skills while caring for these small, charismatic monkeys in a science-infused environment.

The Conservancy also provides science-based service-learning opportunities to under-served high school youth and college students via programs such as HOPE (Hands on Primate Education), in which students develop practical skills while they learn about and help care for the night monkeys. We maintain a welcoming, inclusive work and study environment that actively recruits under-served youth, including the intellectually developmentally disabled (IDD) and individuals from low-income communities.

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