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EQNM is only able to do the work we do because of champions like you. We rely on the community to help sustain this organization and continue the important work of making New Mexico a fair and inclusive place to live for all.  

Support our work and ability to:

- Educate: help us protect the freedom to marry in New Mexico and create a culture of acceptance for our LGBTQ community.  Though we have to work in the coming years to protect the freedom to marry from threats to amend the state constitution, our community faces racial, ethnic, economic, immigration, and gender injustices everyday, and marriage equality is not the silver bullet.  We have lots of work to do, and public education is how we will continue to change hearts and minds toward a more inclusive and fair New Mexico.

- Advocate: support our legislative work to advance and secure public policy that improves the lives of LGBTQ New Mexicans and their families.  With marriage equality gained, we can utilize the momentum in our community to achieve equality and justice in other aspects of life for LGBTQ individuals, such as protecting our youth in the school systems, reducing health disparities, and ensuring trans*-inclusive public policy.

- Empower: contribute to outreach efforts that strengthen the voice and action of LGBTQ individuals and communities.  Through our healthcare outreach and education work, and partnerships with local and national organizations, we are helping the LGBTQ community find their voice and strength to engage in the health care system like never before, directly improving the overall health status in our community.

- Convene: give us the ability to organize partners around community-specific initiatives to achieve collective impact.

Equality New Mexico Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization (Tax ID: 85-0417115). Donations are tax deductible and are used primarily for education and outreach purposes. 

Protecting the Freedom to Marry in New Mexico and Working to Change Hearts and Minds... 

With the freedom to marry now recognized in New Mexico, we must protect this victory and continue to change hearts and minds throughout our state to be more accepting of same-gender couples and their families.  EQNM is partnered with ACLU of New Mexico, ACLU LGBT & AIDS Project, National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Freedom to Marry in our Why Marriage Matters New Mexico public education campaign--a grassroots effort focused on organizing key constituents, leaders and community members, and communicating to the public lives and love of same-gender couples.  This discussion allows New Mexicans in communities around the state to examine their attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions about the LGBTQ community—to consider new information and perhaps reconsider old ideas. 

Pledge your public support for Why Marriage Matters New Mexico today!

Combating Health Disparities...

EQNM has partnered with the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, Southwest Women’s Law Center, Strong Families, and Young Women United to help uninsured LGBTQ New Mexicans access healthcare coverage and services through culturally competent venues and resources.  Read more about this work here...

Creating a Culture of Acceptance...

In February 2013, EQNM helped navigate a lesbian couple from a rural town in New Mexico who had been attacked and beaten by individuals who didn't like that they were holding hands in public.  This couple was afraid to go to the police for fear of experiencing further harm.  The LGBTQ community throughout the state of New Mexico faces this kind of hate and bigotry on a regular basis, and it's even more pronounced in rural areas (which comprise the majority of the state).  Through our education, advocacy, and outreach efforts, EQNM is working hard to create a culture of acceptance and inclusion so that all New Mexicans can live and thrive without fear of hate, abuse, and discrimination. 

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