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Currently 56,000 children and youth are in foster care in California, with 1600 in Alameda County. Of those, it is estimated that anywhere between 25% and 40% are LGBT youth. While LGBT youth are in the foster care system for the same reasons as other children  (birth families are unable to provide a safe, stable, and nurturing home for them due to a parent’s incarceration, drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness, or other reasons unrelated to the youth’s LGBTQ identity), others are rejected (and in some cases, neglected or abused) by their families of origin when their families learn that they identify as LGBTQ. 

Like all young people, LGBTQ youth in foster care need the support of a nurturing family to help them negotiate adolescence and grow into healthy adults. However, LGBTQ youth in foster care face additional challenges including stressors unique to LGBTQ youth - homophobia or transphobia, the safety of their communities, schools, social networks, and homes in order to decide whether to disclose their LGBTQ identity, when, and to whom.

For May (National Foster Care Month) Family Builders is celebrating youth in foster care and June (LGBT Pride Month), LGBT= youth with the PRIDE FOR YOUTH Project. These campaigns bring awareness to youth in need of permanent families, especially older youth and LGBT+ youth. 

Your support would help Family Builders to highlight these wonderful young people and the care that they are so desperately wanting. 

Thank you for supporting Give Out Day!  


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