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This should be a world where we recognize that we are all connected, where we act in solidarity in times of crisis.

When any disaster hits — a storm, a disease, a financial crisis — it is always those who struggle most who suddenly find themselves struggling even more. They are our neighbors. Families that are already living in conditions that aren't conducive to good health, those whose finances have long been taxed beyond measure because housing eats up too large a portion of their income, those newly vulnerable because of the economic shock waves that something like this so often sets off. Now more than ever, we depend on our Habitat supporter's unwavering capacity to help where we’re needed most.

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Fauquier Habitat brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. – The mission of Habitat for Humanity 

Fauquier Habitat for Humanity has built or rehabbed 55 homes, enabling 200 individuals to have a safe place to call home. Dedicated to providing decent, affordable housing in partnership with families in need, we proudly serve Fauquier and Rappahannock Counties, using housing as a tool for people to change their lives permanently and for generations.  


Habitat partner families work alongside volunteers. Each adult in the household, as physically able, must complete 250 “sweat equity” hours working on the building site and take homeowner and financial education courses to prepare them for homeownership. This investment fosters pride in ownership and builds the positive outlook that they can craft their own brighter future. Habitat is a hand up not a hand out. We do not give away homes.  

We believe all families should be able to own homes in healthy neighborhoods with access to jobs, transportation, healthy food, and quality schools. 


Our Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NR) works within focus neighborhoods alongside residents and a coalition of community partners to develop a comprehensive affordable housing plan. Fauquier Habitat is currently working with the Haiti Street/Eva Walker Park neighborhood in Warrenton. The NR program places residents as primary stakeholders and drivers, developing a collective vision for an improved quality of life in their neighborhood. Building houses alone does not fix the systemic, generational problems that plague underserved communities.  

The strategic planning process will allow residents of the neighborhood and community partners to co-design the possibilities for the neighborhood. Data from other Habitat NR communities have shown that through this holistic and inclusive approach there are higher rates of resident involvement, desire to remain in their community, and civic engagement, all of which support stronger, healthier neighborhoods and communities.  Our partnership with USDA provides Fauquier Habitat access to affordable mortgages while also allows us to recoup between 60% and 100% of our build costs when the homeowner closes on their mortgage. In this way, the donor’s investment does not end with the first family served by their donation. The funds recycle at resale to help many future homeowners as well.  

Home stability allows families to make investments for the long-term, improves physical and mental health, and increases graduation rates.

Natalie's Story

A single mother of two and Fauquier County resident since 1995, Natalie experienced a period of homelessness due to the financial and emotional strain of her young son’s medical issues. After being accepted into Fauquier Habitat’s homeownership program, Natalie was required to take several classes: “I learned how to hammer nails. I took financial management classes, landscaping classes, home maintenance, and even a tax information class,” she explained. Since then, Natalie has continued to beautify her home and garden and become a dynamic part of her neighborhood and her community. Natalie’s daughter has graduated from college, her son is doing better and Natalie now volunteers for Fauquier Habitat helping other families achieve security and independence.

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