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The Farmworker Association of Florida (FWAF) serves thousands of Farmworkers in South Miami-Dade County and throughout the state. We are a grassroots organization built and led by farmworkers, for farmworkers. Our work includes educating farmworkers about their rights as workers and providing them with health and safety trainings to combat pesticide exposure and heat stress. FWAF develops leadership in farmworker communities through know-your-rights trainings to build community confidence for their participation in our civic engagement work. We know that the community’s role in civic engagement is vital for achieving our mission of changing the system of oppression experienced by farmworker communities, and so every action we organize must include farmworker voices. Recently, our civic engagement work at FWAF has emphasized the dire need for heat stress protections for farmworkers. 

We understand that working to alter a system of oppression is difficult when our communities’ basic needs are not being met; along with our civic engagement work, we also do applications for Medicaid/ Medicare coverage as well as SNAP services, and our members receive a photo ID. Additionally, FWAF assists community members experiencing wage theft to ensure that people are rightfully paid. Many of our offices also have small food pantries and organic gardens for the community to practice traditional agroecology methods and to encourage food soverignty. FWAF also regularly partners with other organizations and universities to host free healthcare events for the community to receive both primary and specialized care. These are just a few examples of our work which is deeply rooted in our community and steadfast in our mission of building farmworker power to make permanent, positive change to oppressive systems that our most essential workers are facing. 

Donations through Give Miami Day make our work in the Miami area and throughout Florida possible by securing funding for the logistics of providing our trainings, food and health services, and our civic engagement events. Your donations support our efforts to gain visibility as individuals and as an organization in the greater Miami area, allowing for others to learn about our work in social, economic, labor, and environmental justice.

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