Half Moon Bay Little League

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HMBLL is celebrating its 53rd year of youth baseball, where we are not only helping shape children for the future, but are giving them life long skills for positive development that will help them grow and thrive.

What it Takes:
To support HMBLL, it takes approximately $100,000/year and registration fees cover only 50%. For each youth player, we need to raise an additional $200 to maintain our program. With the generous support of our community, we annually raise funds to support the cost for field maintenance, uniforms, equipment, umpires, clinics, and general operations. In addition to annual operating costs, HMBLL goals include additional fundraising for batting cage improvements, field enhancements, bleachers, as well as a long term goal of replacing the outfields with turf ($100,000/field) allowing our baseball youth to be less impacted by weather and also decrease annual field maintenance.

Benefits of Youth Baseball:
Youth baseball is a great venue for learning life lessons and shaping these young players early. And let's be honest, it is much more fun to learn these lessons playing the game of baseball than later in life.

Teamwork: Baseball requires teamwork during each and every inning. Each player has a specific role in their position, but players must work together to succeed.

Perseverance: Players learn the importance of finding confidence after "striking out" and how good it feels when you make contact the next time up. This game is not about perfection, even the world's best hitters swing and miss 70% of the time.

Work Ethic: In addition to the challenge of learning and understanding a complex game, players must work hard to push the limits both physically and mentally.


Dave Hipkins/Coach & Board Member
He loves the game of baseball and believes it provides a great venue for kids to develop many important life skills without even noticing it! The importance of finding confidence after "striking out" and how good it feels when you make contact the next time up, the closeness you feel to your teammates when they pat you on the back after a tough loss and the excitement of a come from behind win. In his experience, learning these lessons outside the baseball field were not nearly so fun!

Liza Cristol-Deman/Team Parent
She loves seeing the bonds that develop among teammates and the benefits that come from baseball, such as enjoying time outdoors away from screens, learning teamwork, and building resilience.

Emily Costerison/Board Member
She has seen first-hand the benefits of baseball for her sons. They have experienced camaraderie with teammates, built confidence in their athletic ability, and developed patience in learning and playing a complex game.

Tom Warren/Umpire Coordinator
He strongly believes that children growing up playing team sports develop crucial experience that helps them with many aspects of life.

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