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We are the nation's oldest self-identified LGBT mixed chorus. Founded in 1980 by Bay Area musicians and community members we have continued to serve our community by celebrating gay and lesbian culture with performances at a number of historical gay and lesbian community events that celebrate diversity and continue to use music as a way to transform, educate and heal.

30+ years ago, gays, lesbians, and similar people got together just to sing and have fun! And soon we found sanctuary from bigotry and discrimination amongst others like us. Then, all of us formed a community that supported each other, from a time before the AIDS crisis to this current day of a global pandemic. We have remained connected and mighty...and still love to sing! 



Last Year: Your Give OUT Day donations helped us raise enough money for:

  • 🎼  Music Dues for the 2019 Fall concert semester 
  • 😍  Member Dues for the 2019 & 2020 concert semesters.
  • 🎶  2019 Concert season venues and guest artists
  • 💕 Community and Growth



We bring unity and joy to the world through our music and voices. Some of us express our belief in civil liberties.  Some of us sing to remember people, events, and journeys in life.   Yet others are learning to bring out their Inner-Diva’s!! Please support our organization so that we can continue the legacy we have created and provide a future for young queer musicians.

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Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco

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