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This program changes children's lives forever. Many children see the ocean for the first time because of your donation. Your support introduces youth to nature. Entire families change their behavior to spend time in nature. Because of you they are able to change their diet, exercise and modify their behavior. The children are very actively engaged in hands on science. They learn about marine biology and ecology, technology, engineering and math. The science books come alive and their grades and behavior improve because of their new found connection to nature. MYC has delivered a high quality science focused program for over 20 years in Miami that includes fishing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, high quality science, nature experiences, and scientific research in the fields of Marine Biology and Plant Ecology with an emphasis on sponge, fish, and water quality research. We have a STEM focus, and built our first underwater robot. Four years ago, we added sponge restoration and snorkeling. The youth have participated in coral restoration, studying plankton, water quality, fish restoration, and invasive species research including freshwater animals and lionfish research. Activities include fishing, swimming, snorkeling, shark tagging, reading, scientific experiments, researching sponges, cooking, goal setting, vision boarding, robotics, computers, literacy skills and more. Youth learn about marine biology and ecology, technology, engineering and math. Participants engage in research on invasive and native fish in Salt and Freshwater.
Our partners include University of Florida/ Florida Sea Grant Foundation, Miami Dade County, NNMA, Bass Pro Shops, The Children's Trust, Miami Dolphins, University of Miami, Peacock Foundation and the NPCA. And you can join a distinguished list of supporters that think it's important to connect youth to nature, empower them and mentor them to succeed in life. Each year we increase our science emphasis.

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