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The basic difference between those who achieve greatness and those who might have been great is one thing: opportunity.

Our mission is to nurture the greatness in every student by affording opportunities and supplying necessary resources to turn dreams into reality.

Please join us and help us ensure that all Mapleton students can achieve their dreams.


"Your first year of college throws you into a whirlwind of trying to find yourself, figure out who you are and define your strengths and weaknesses. My first year was fun, but often hard. Academically, I did just fine. Yes, sometimes I struggled, but I was able to find and use the right resources to ensure I was successful.

"The hardest part about my first year of college was handling finances. My first semester, I was set; books and tuition were paid for right away. However, second semester I was short on savings for tuition. Although I had been working two jobs while in school, I still did not have enough saved to cover the remaining cost. It was not a large enough amount to take out a loan (which was something I wanted to avoid anyway), but it also was not small enough to come up with right away. My parents were not in a position to just hand over the money, so I was in a bit of a crisis. For about a week, I stressed about how I was going to pay for my tuition. Then I remembered I had earned the Mapleton Education Foundation Legacy Scholarship. Thankfully, it was just enough to pay the remainder of my tuition bill. When I had first applied to this scholarship, I explained my legacy was leading by example for other students; I wanted students to know that no matter what life struggles they may face, they can accomplish anything, in the same ways that I have. However, earning a college education is expensive. Without this MEF Legacy Scholarship, I may have not been able to continue my own legacy. I am forever grateful to those who have contributed to the Mapleton Education Foundation. Donors are the reason why many students can pursue their dreams."

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