Northwest Family Life Learning and Counseling Center

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We support individuals and families in finding hope and healing when facing the trauma of domestic violence, trafficking, and related mental health issues.


Since 1989, we have served as a learning and counseling center based in Seattle. We offer counseling by over 50 trauma informed therapists, advocacy and survivor support groups, a state-certified batterers treatment program, foster care and adoption support, and a mentorship program for kids who have been impacted by domestic violence. In an undisclosed location, we provide transitional housing and support services for victims of domestic violence and trafficking.

This year, we are fundraising for our safe house and services for women and their children fleeing domestic violence and trafficking. We provide a physically and emotionally safe environment, trauma counseling, advocacy services, financial planning, and job and education support to our clients for up to 18 months when they live with us. We are grateful for your partnership with us to bring hope and healing for survivors. Thank you!

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Northwest Family Life Learning and Counseling Center

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12360 Lake City Way NE, Suite 420


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