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When expenses pile up, a student’s world can come tumbling down.

A sick child. A car repair. Reduced hours at work. When unexpected expenses hit OC students already struggling to pay utilities, rent, transportation and childcare, something has to go. Too often it’s school.

OC’s Resource Center helps students stay in college by providing textbooks, online access, school supplies, gas cards, bus passes and more.

Said one student who has gotten all of his textbooks from the Resource Center’s lending library:

“This is vital because the people who go there are really in need. They’re people like me who are 35 years old and coming back to school on a very limited income and public assistance. Getting a textbook through the Resource Center is basically like them giving you $150 because you’re saving that much.”

How your gift helps: All proceeds from the 2023 Kitsap Great Give will provide emergency support for struggling students through the Resource Center. Here are some of the ways the Resource Center helps:

  • Serves 4,000 OC students a year, connecting them with services on and off campus and helping meet their most pressing financial needs
  • Lends 500-700 textbooks to students per quarter
  • Provides required equipment, such as knives for culinary students and helmets for welding students
  • Provides online access codes that typically cost at least $100 and are required for some courses for content and tests


Why it's more important than ever: The COVID-19 pandemic is still sending shockwaves through the economy. Your gift helps meet increased needs for our most vulnerable students.

During the 2023 Kitsap Great Give, we are asking you to help OC students stay in school by funding student emergency needs!  


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