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A quarter century ago, a group of bold dreamers imagined what it would be like to have a safe space in Memphis where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people could find support, acceptance and understanding; a place where no one would feel alone or isolated. Their imagining became OUTMemphis.

We have seen unprecedented strides toward full equality, especially in the last year. The world is changing before our eyes. These are exciting times indeed! Yet in the midst of all this change, we must remember that our work is not yet done. We cannot forget that feeling of being alone, of being without a supportive community. Many in our community have yet to experience the freedom of living openly and honestly. For them, we must continue striving.

Since our founding, we have worked to honor that original commitment of creating a safe space. We have helped our community thrive and grow, become more confident and open, and helped our people find their voices. We have created a space where people can find the positive, supportive, respectful connections we all need.

We  have a vision of creating a safe space for all members of our community . For the past 31 years, we have been building and expanding on that original vision through youth housing programs, support groups for all ages, HIV testing, educational outreach, trans specific services, senior services, advocacy and much more.

Now it’s time for us to IMAGINE again. It is time for us imagine a Community Center with the resources to adequately serve the entire LGBTQ community of the Mid-South. Memphis deserves the best center we can imagine, and the best center we can create. We are the only LGBTQ center in the Mid-South and one of a handful in the entire South. Our obligation extends to the thousands of visitors we greet each year, and the thousands more to come. We can’t let them down or leave them behind. How do we turn that vision of a greater OUTMemphis into reality? By remembering what it is that makes us so strong.

OUTMemphis is more than just a building...we are the dozens of people who sacrificed to make this place a reality, the hundreds of people who support us now, and the thousands more who will follow and build on our dream. OUTMemphis is an expression of our community's passion and vision for a better world.

Join us. Support OUTMemphis in its life-enhancing and life-saving work -- empowering, connecting, educating, advocating.  Participate. Volunteer. Donate.  Be the change YOU want to see in the world. Become OUTMemphis.

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