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The RAICES North Texas office is a strong team of attorneys, legal assistants, social services case managers, and volunteers. Together, we assist immigrants, refugees, and crime survivors in the North Texas area through:

- Representation for detained mothers, fathers, children, and unaccompanied minors in detention centers across Texas. Offering a core community that understands complex issues and multiple barriers our clients face in transitioning to life in the United States.

- Representation and community care for populations targeted for abuse, including medically fragile children and survivors of domestic violence.

- We empower local communities with "convivios" or informal gatherings to lead change through advocacy action, like mobilizing "ICE out of Tarrant County" and decreasing isolation and sense of trauma as a new immigrant.

- Coordinating holistic health care and COVID vaccines and ensuring clients engage with immigrant-friendly wellness resources.

Your gift EMPOWERS the North Texas community to lead change and ensure we live in a society where ALL people have dignity, community, and the right to migrate.

Our Needs

At RAICES, we are operating on the frontlines of the fight for immigration rights because ALL PEOPLE have the right to seek a safe and dignified future for their families. A key to the future is freedom from detention. That's why we are dedicated to providing free legal consultations for migrants facing removal process and expedited deportations. Due to high demand for pro bono services, our attorneys handle 50-90 active cases at any time. Every gift ensures a community member in and out of immigration detention can speak with an attorney ready to join the fight.

Advocating for immigrant rights means providing client services on behalf of individuals, families, and unaccompanied children. Together, this community of allies, service providers, and supporters makes a difference. By connecting pro bono attorneys specializing in children's immigration cases with unaccompanied migrants, families can reunite and secure futures. Our Children's program welcomes seven to nine new cases every day. One Children's Program attorney works on average with 60 kids in our community.

When you donate to RAICES, your gift will go towards securing the release of thousands of people and ensuring that each person receives quality legal and social services.Since many of our clients are the breadwinners providing for their children, our work doesn't just end with a legal case. Our work supports the family members left behind. Expanding our case management services means that a parent doesn't have to worry about paying rent while in detention. (Which is impossible!) Or, having to worry about the cancer treatment of a spouse. A gift to RAICES goes beyond this Giving Day - your gift can change a life.

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