Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group

A nonprofit organization

The Salmon Center strives to deepen the connection between land, people, and salmon through restoration, education, and research.

Our mission is to ensure that wild salmon are once again abundant in the Pacific Northwest.

With the help of our donors, volunteers, and staff, the Center participates in restoration and research projects throughout the entire Hood Canal Watershed. These efforts not only benefit local salmon populations, but also support the ecological diversity of this beautiful and scenic natural community.

In addition to habitat restoration and research, the Salmon Center carries out an assortment of educational programs, supporting students, teachers, and life-long learners. The Center’s certified organic garden demonstrates how salmon, humans, and agriculture can coexist.

Donations made during the Kitsap Great Give will support HCSEG's continued maintenance of the Union River Estuary preserve trails and Salmon Center amenities for the community.

This effort benefits our entire community and ensures the preservation of a safe, accessible outdoor space for all. As well as providing a beautiful, peaceful experience in nature for our community, the Union River Estuary Preserve is an environmental education tool for HCSEG's outdoor ed programs. The estuary allows people of all ages to witness a successful habitat restoration effort and the resilience of nature when given the chance to rebound. The Union River Estuary provides many key ecosystem services and functions for the wildlife that depends on it and is home to several species of salmon, including the ESA listed Hood Canal Summer Chum, birds of prey, waterfowl, bears, foxes, otters, and so much more. 

Walkways, signs, picnic benches and more at the Salmon Center are also amenities that need repair and can use your support! Help us continue to make this public space a beautiful, safe and functional setting for all to enjoy.

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