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Since 1983, Wildmind (formerly Wildlife Associates; legal name - Conservation Earth, Inc.) has inspired and enriched over 8 million Bay Area children and adults to have compassion for all living things and be positive stewards of the environment. Program offerings include assemblies and small group programs for all ages, including over 50% representing under-served populations, NGSS aligned STEM programs for elementary school students and soon to offered NGSS aligned programs for middle and high school students, our At-Risk Youth program that helps middle and high school age young people in the most challenging life situation gain coping strategies and hope for the future, and our Climate Pioneers program, that aims to provide interested young people with wide range of skills, knowledge and practical experiences needed to find solutions to allusive environmental issues caused by climate change and human interference, as our next conservation leaders. We also offer adult programs that help people explore empathy and connect with nature. Central to all of our offerings is a unique and proven learning model that features over 50 un-releasable, wild animals whom we provide quality care and a home for life, and work with to be ambassadors of their species and a healthy planet. Wildmind is a California not-for profit organization incorporated in San Mateo county in 1983. Located first in Pacifica from 1983-1999, and at our current location in Half Moon Bay for more than 20 years, Wildimind is dedicated to Coastside, as a property owner, small business and member of the Coastside Chamber of Commerce. We are extremely grateful for your consideration of a gift to Wildmind today.


Testimonials for Wildmind Education and Science programs

"I have to push to get any information from my son about what he was
learning at school. Not these past few weeks. He would come home every
night excited to talk about what he learned... As a parent, it was exciting
for me to see him so engaged and so motivated to learn." -

"Wildmind's science units are among those we are very high on as they
have a variety of touch points within the NGSS and Common Core, making
it cost effective and easier for our principals and teachers to meet their
goals." - District Administrator

"I was fortunate to be a parent volunteer the day Wildmind provided an
assembly to my son's 3rd grade class. The reaction of the students to the
subject matter was one of excitement and awe, and I was impressed to see
them so engaged in answering questions." - Parent

"The assemblies are always so powerful. The kids are thoroughly mesmerized
by the animals and the educators. As a teacher, I appreciate the staff's
ability to engage all the students during the presentation." - Teacher

Wildmind is a gem of an organization worthy of your support - anonymous donor

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