Charity Golf Event

Please Join us for the 20th Annual UHG Charity Golf Event

Our goal is to work together to make a difference in our community. This year, we will support three different charitable organizations. Enjoy a day of golf and fun with your UnitedHealth Group business partners!


  • The mission of MNSBA is to increase awareness about Spina Bifida and enhance the lives of those affected.


  • The vision of TreeHouse is to reach every at-risk teen so they are loved, feel hope and realize life transformation. To accomplish this vision we seek to fulfill our mission to bring living hope to hurting youth and families leading to life transformation.


  • CRS provides direct aid to the poor, and involves people in their own development, helping them to realize their potential. Tshumbe is an amazing example of that. CRS educates the people of the United States to fulfill their moral responsibilities toward our brothers and sisters around the world by helping the poor, working to remove the causes of poverty, and promoting social justice.


Razoo Foundation

All donations are received and receipted by Razoo Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) charity that operates a donor advised fund to fulfill donor advisements. By donating to the UnitedHealth Group Charity Golf Event fundraising page on Razoo, you are advising that your donation be equally regranted between the four charities listed above. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for donations.

If you require additional information about the Razoo Foundation in order to complete your donation, please email us for assistance. A complete list of Razoo Foundation financial filings and information can be obtained by clicking here.