In order to use Razoo Donation App you have to have a page on Facebook. If you don't have one please

  1. go to, login if necessary
  2. in the left menu click on Pages (if you don't see Pages menu item click on More first to expand the menu)
  3. in the top part of the web page click button "+ Create a Page"
  4. select the type of the page (for instance "Cause or Community")
  5. enter the name of your cause, check "I agree" checkbox and click "Get Started" button
  6. optionally configure your page by uploading photos, inviting friends, importing contacts, sharing page on the wall, etc. Keep clicking "continue" or "skip" until the configuration is complete.

Now go to this page: (Or search for Razoo Donation App in Facebook)

  1. In the left-bottom menu click "Add to My Page", new window will popup
  2. Click "Add to Page" next to the page name, then "Close" to close the popup window
  3. Go to the page you just added the app to
  4. In the left menu click "donate" (the one with piggybank)
  5. On the Select Cause page start typing in the name of the cause you're raising money for (the cause should be a project, fundraiser or org registered with
  6. Select the cause from the drop-down list, green check mark should appear next to the input field
  7. Click "Raise For This Cause" button