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Go Mobile
with Razoo

Manage your fundraiser from anywhere!

  • Safely collect donations from any internet-enabled device
  • Empower donors to take action at any moment
  • Maximize donations with scannable QR codes

How Can This Help Me?

With Razoo’s mobile features, donors can seamlessly give to your cause from the convenience of their smartphone. You can also boost your fundraising efforts through using QR codes for offline events.

What Features Are Available?

When you create a fundraising page on Razoo, we automatically generate a mobile-optimized version of the page for clean viewing on mobile devices. If you’ve got a list of supporters on your phone, you can even include your fundraising link in a text message, asking them to pledge or donate.

  • Mobile-Optimized Donation Form

    Our mobile-optimized donation form is designed to help donors easily give to your cause from their mobile device, and maximize your donations!

  • Pledging

    On your mobile optimized fundraising page, donors have the option to either give immediately or pledge a certain amount. If they select the pledge option, they will receive an email with a link to your fundraising page so that they can donate from their computer at a later time.

  • QR Codes

    Razoo’s QR codes are perfect for an offline event or print advertisement. Your fundraising page on Razoo comes with its own unique QR code that you can copy and paste into your materials. Donors who scan the QR code will link directly to donation page to complete their donation. To access your QR code, simply login to your account, view your fundraising page, and select the “Share” tab.

  • Add a “Meetup” to Your Fundraiser

    Fundraiser meetups make it easier for you to receive mobile donations at a fundraising event. Specify a date and location for your fundraiser and mobile visitors to will immediately see a list of fundraising meetups in their area - allowing them to quickly and easily donate to your cause.