Mightycause For Corporations

Create An Employee Giving Program With Matching Funds

  • Create a custom portal for employees to donate to great causes
  • Coordinate efforts with your corporate foundation to maximize your company’s impact
  • Promote your employee giving program through social media and connect more deeply with employees
  • Receive advice and support from Razoo to increase employee participation and engagement. We are here to help you succeed!

Donate Matching Funds To A Nonprofit Or Qualified Cause

  • Create a custom web page to spotlight one or multiple organizations for which your company provides matching funds
  • Promote your company’s brand and reputation in social media channels
  • Maximize the impact of your donation and track the use of matching funds in real-time

Create A Custom Cause Marketing Campaign

  • Create a custom portal which allows you to showcase one or multiple organizations
  • Allow visitors to donate or fundraise for a cause
  • Integrate your brand, products, or services into the campaign design
  • Create a community and excitement for your cause and company’s efforts


  • Greatly reduce administration costs, paperwork, and manual processes
  • Easy for employees and stakeholders – we instantly email donors a tax receipt and make matching dollars rules easy to follow to maximize contributions
  • Eliminate low utilization of company’s matching fund pool for employee giving
  • Increase employee satisfaction, participation rates, and morale
  • Integrate brand promotions with employee giving and other cause marketing efforts
  • Improve corporate social responsibility and cause marketing efforts
  • A safe and secure, PCI compliant platform that protects your information
  • Increase brand awareness and improve company reputation
  • Increase positive and meaningful presence in social media channels
  • Coordinate giving and philanthropic efforts with your Corporate Foundation