Mightycause For Foundations

Do you work for or represent a community, private, or corporate Foundation? Mightycause provides your foundation options to accept donations or fundraise for your operations as well as innovative tools to issue grants and promote philanthropy in your area.

Accept Donations

Instant Setup:

Search for your foundation and claim access. Update your foundation’s profile and you’re ready to accept donations online


Use our innovative DonateAnywhere widget to accept donations directly on your foundation’s website or blog. This groundbreaking innovation developed by Razoo is all the buzz! Find out more.


Share and promote your Mightycause profile or your DonateAnywhere widget with your supporters using our social media options


Easy Setup:

In 2 minutes, create a FREE fundraising page for your Foundation – you can fundraise for your operations, a project, program, or event. Zero setup or subscription fees!

Grant a nonprofit:

Issue a challenge (matching) grant to a nonprofit by encouraging your nominated nonprofit to create a FREE fundraiser on Mightycause


Share your fundraiser with your supporters on Facebook or Twitter using our social media tools

Issue Challenge Grants to Multiple Nonprofits

  • Create a custom webpage to support fundraising efforts for multiple projects or programs on one page
  • Efficiently manage challenge (matching) grants by creating a custom webpage for multiple nonprofit organizations

Want to see a great example of this feature? Visit Initiative Foundation’s custom website developed by GiveMN and Razoo that features several nonprofits and an overall $25,000 matching grant.

Create a Custom Portal for Your Region or Cause Area

  • Create a custom (your brand) webpage to allows donors to give to your select nonprofit organizations or grantees
  • Empower your nonprofits to fundraise, engage their supporters, and accept donations online via your portal
  • Issue and manage challenge (matching) grants to nonprofit organizations in your portal

Want to see a great example of this feature? Visit giveMN.razoo.com a custom portal developed by Razoo that supports the philanthropic and community-building efforts of the Minnesota Community Foundation and the St. Paul Community Foundation.

Create A Custom Giving Event Page

  • Whether for 1 day or for 1 week, your custom giving event page will encourage donors to give to nonprofits you select
  • To build excitement in your community or with your supporters, you can issue challenge or matching grants
  • Display a “leaderboard” showing which nonprofit has raised the most money or has received the most number of donations

Want to see a great example of this feature option? Visit GivetotheMaxDay 2009, a custom event website developed by Razoo for GiveMN.org.

Want more information about these custom options? Contact us at np@razoo.com for more information about how we can help.


  • Great value fundraising and online donation options for your foundation - online fundraising is a fraction of the cost of traditional fundraising.
  • FREE account to accept online donations – no setup or subscription fees!
  • FREE fundraising pages with video or picture options – no setup or subscription fees
  • Support philanthropy and capacity building of nonprofits in your region or cause area
  • An efficient easy way for your Foundations’ DAF clients to provide matching grants to nonprofits you select
  • Multiple options for you to accept donations – on your Mightycause profile or on your Foundation’s blog or website with our DonateAnywhere widget
  • Razoo is instantly email donors a tax receipt
  • Donors can easily setup recurring donations
  • Easy-to-use and insightful donations report (a downloadable .csv file that can be used in Excel) provides rich detail to track impact and donor involvement
  • Powerful tools to promote your foundation, fundraiser, or custom pages – through Facebook, Twitter, or your own website
  • A safe and secure, PCI compliant platform that protects your information