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Mark Horvath

Dear Friends,

I need your help to continue telling these stories and reaching out into the streets, under the bridges, park benches, shelters and tent cities -- in two months on the road we have been able to see huge results!

The lives that have been impacted through the Road Trip have ranged far beyond expectation. Many of you have gained a new perspective on the struggle of others, and at the same time our efforts have brought a new hope to people who are in the midst of the struggle with homelessness across America. This road trip has not only made invisible people visible to world, but once again to themselves for many who had stopped even thinking they mattered, and now they have a new hope for their own lives.

This important journey cannot continue without YOUR help. Telling each story -- reaching out in each city-- helping each person we can, takes donations from people who will give what they can to make a difference -- will you please help me continue this essential work.

Your $100, or $50 or $25 or anything you can give right now helps us get another story, stay on the road another day, or reach another person... Don't just watch the story and follow along wondering what is next -- help create the story and change it for each person we encounter.

Please give now -- join us on the road trip, be the one helping tell how the story turns out for so many!

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